The Many Uses of Honey: Quick and
Easy Steps Towards Healthier with Honey

The Many Uses of Honey article covers not only the occasional quick-fix applications of raw honey, for example, in the case of raw honey remedies for a cough or congestion, but how to make raw honey a part of your daily routine.

To learn WHY you should be doing that, check out this full list of Raw Honey Health Benefits.

Remember that the only kind of honey that’s good for you is raw honey.

On to the many uses of honey...

A Sweet and Nutritious Snack

While raw honey is often thought of as just another tasty sweetener, it’s actually a whole food, made up of essential nutrients such as amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and the all-important antioxidants. See Nutritional Value of Honey for the list of components that make raw honey so healthy. A tablespoon of raw honey can serve as a sweet, satisfying, and nutritious snack all by itself, or you can add it to smoothies, cool drinks, tea, yogurt, cheese, or fruit to dial up flavor and nutrition. 

An Energy Booster During and After Working Out
Raw honey consists mostly of carbohydrates. Eating honey just before exercising gives you energy, nourishes your muscles during your workout, and helps to restore glycogen levels afterwards. Eat a tablespoon of honey alone or mix it in a full glass of water, a protein drink, or your favorite-thirst quenching beverage. 

A Hangover Cure
Raw honey is largely made up of fructose, which gets into the blood stream quickly and naturally metabolizes alcohol. In addition, the antioxidants in honey can help with the typical headache and sluggishness associated with hangovers.

Not only that… but honey goes well with some other hangover-bashing foods like bananas that restore potassium, crackers and oatmeal that increase your blood sugar, nuts that replenish magnesium, oranges that are high in Vitamin C, ginger that suppresses nausea, and coconut water, which is a high-end hydrator, complete with electrolytes and potassium. 

A Weight-Loss Aide
If you’re craving something sweet while dieting, raw honey more than satisfies that urge and it does it nutritionally, unlike sugar. See the Sugar vs Honey article for how the two compare.

Honey, as a tasty and complete whole food, fills you up with just one healthy teaspoon, while, at the same time, it boosts your immune system, gives you more stamina to exercise, and speeds up your metabolism.

Honey pairs well with other detoxifying and fat-burning foods to help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Read the full details about Honey and Weight Loss, just one more of the many uses of honey.

For a Good Night’s Sleep
Among the many uses of raw honey is its ability to promote restful sleep through the triggering of melatonin. Getting enough sleep enables us to perform well in all aspects of our lives. Sleep affects cognitive function, memory, brain development for growing children, and stress and anxiety levels. Not getting enough sleep also contributes to weight gain. Take one tablespoon of honey before bedtime, alone or mixed into a lukewarm or cold decaffeinated or herbal tea, such as chamomile.

Natural Detox
The various health properties of raw honey make it a natural detoxifier. Add a tablespoon of honey into a full glass of warm water each morning to detoxify and get your metabolism going. If you get bored with the basic honey-and-water detox, spruce it up with citrus-fruit juices that are high in Vitamin C or ginger, cinnamon, or pepper, each with their own health-related properties and antioxidant benefits. 

The Many Uses of Honey in Topical Applications

Moisturizer, Cleanser,
Mask, or Exfoliant for the Face
The moisturizing and antioxidant-rich properties of raw honey make it a sought-after natural moisturizer that treats aging, dry, oily, or acne-prone skin. Click here for 7 quick, easy, and effective honey skin care recipes.

Pimple Eraser
Applying a tiny dab of raw honey to a pimple disinfects and cleans the area and kills the bacteria which can lead to further breakouts.

Natural Antibiotic Salve
Raw honey’s sticky texture and medicinal properties make it a perfect first-aid solution for cuts, scrapes, burns, or rashes. Raw honey, as an anti-inflammatory substance, reduces swelling, pain, and heat; as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent, it disinfects and creates a barrier to further infection; and, as the affected area heals, raw honey naturally clears away dead skin cells and replenishes collagen.

Manuka honey, due to its certified and extra-strength antimicrobial properties, is especially well-known for treating injuries, burns, and wounds. Check out the extra-strength Manuka Honey Benefits here.

Pink Eye Treatment

Mix one tablespoon of raw honey in a 1/4 cup of warm milk. Make sure the milk is not boiled or hot but only warm so as not to kill the essential nutrients of the raw honey. Once it’s cooled completely, place one or two drops of the mixture into the affected eye. The anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties of raw honey calm itchiness, redness, heat, and swelling.

Conditioner for Hair and Scalp

The beauty benefits of honey extend to hair as well. As a natural cleanser, it acts as a moisturizing shampoo; as an emollient, it softens and moisturizes course, dry hair; and as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal substance, it reduces dandruff and heals and protects the scalp. Read Honey Beauty Tips for the more complete details on how raw honey benefits your scalp and hair and the essential do's and don'ts of applying it.

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