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You’ll find raw honey for sale at local farms, beekeepers, and grocery stores, or you can buy raw honey online. HoneyShifts reviews only products that we've tried ourselves.

Honeyrun Farm

Honeyrun Farm, a chemical-free beekeeper and honey producer in Ohio, is a family-operated business that sells raw honey, raw honeycomb, herbal-infused honey, bee pollen, soap, candles, gift packages, and honey sticks directly from their farm, online, and at local farmers’ markets and grocery stores.

Jayne and Isaac Barnes, the husband-wife team, started out with two beehives and beekeeping as a hobby. Since then, they’ve gradually expanded into a full-fledged raw honey and honey products business that boasts more than 700 hives, from which they harvest honey in the late Spring, Mid-Summer, and Fall. Everything they do is environmentally friendly, sustainable, recyclable, and promotes the health and survival of honeybees. Honeyrun Farm raw honey is 100% pure, never pasteurized, and never high-pressure filtered.

Watch the Honeyrun Farm video that features the business, tells the story about Jayne and Isaac becoming honey manufacturers, and provides an inside glimpse into what goes into making and packaging their raw honey products.

HoneyShifts Review: Honeyrun Farm Sampler

The Honeyrun Farm Sampler features 8 different varieties of honey packaged in cute little 2-ounce (roughly) glass jars and sells for $18.00 plus shipping and handling (for a total of $25.50 to us). Ordering was straightforward and the shipment arrived on time and in good condition. This sampler offers the perfect introduction to the varying flavors of raw honey and can serve as a nice gift or fun taste-tester kit for kids. It includes:

  1. Spring Harvest
    Spring Harvest honey, the Honeyrun Farm signature honey, is pale-colored and has a very light, mild, and delicate flavor with a slightly tart zing to it. This honey comes from the nectar of black locust trees, honeysuckle, and autumn olive and is very unique. A HoneyShifts' favorite.

  2. Summer Harvest
    Summer Harvest honey comes from clover, Canada thistle, and wild blackberries, and the flavor is very sweet and full-flavored but not too syrupy.  

  3. Fall Harvest
    Fall Harvest honey is darker and more robust than the others and fits what we think of as the “typical” flavor of honey. It’s made mostly from goldenrod and aster and has a syrupy sweet taste with hints of butterscotch. 

  4. Tulip Poplar
    We describe the taste of Tulip Poplar as fruity, floral, flowery, and fragrant, like eating perfume (but somehow in a good way). Honeyrun calls it deep, robust, and smokey.

  5. Buckwheat
    Buckwheat honey tastes and smells strongly of molasses. This is a more medicinal variety, as evidenced by it’s very dark color, and serves well as a naturally effective alternative to cough syrup or a daily immunity-boosting supplement, rather than a tasty additive to dishes or drinks. Because of its higher level of antioxidants, buckwheat honey also treats, heals, and enhances your skin when applied topically. This buckwheat honey was one variety we used to test our Honey Skin Care Recipes.

  6. Lavender-Infused
    The lavender taste in this honey is evident but not overpowering, and it quickly gives way to a very nice, lingering sweet and tangy aftertaste. Eat this one all by itself as a dessert or healthy snack or use it to sweeten up bread, toast, or biscuits. 

  7. Lemon Verbena-Infused
    This is Summer Harvest honey infused with lemon verbena herbs. The flavor is more acidic and tart, not overpoweringly lemony, and blends very well with herbal tea.

  8. Chunk Honey
    This edible chewy chunk of honeycomb is surrounded by Summer Harvest honey. The two together are pure sweetness. 


HoneyWay is a sourcer and distributor of Midwestern-USA kosher-certified and harvested raw honey, honeycomb, propolis, and bee pollen, offering honey for sale online as well as in their small shop in Mundelein, Illinois. These raw honey and raw honey products are regularly tested and certified to meet strict HoneyWay standards and to ensure the best quality and taste for consumers. If you stop by the small shop, do some taste testing of your own and learn more about how the company got started, out of a need to cure health problems that only raw honey was able to meet. 

HoneyShifts Review: HoneyWay Ceylon-Cinnamon Honey

A 12-ounce jar of HoneyWay Ceylon-cinnamon honey sells for $16 at the shop or you can order it online and pay $10.00 more for shipping. This dark, rich, and creamy honey literally melts in your mouth. We recommend eating it alone as a dessert or sweet snack, spicing up the flavor of herbal tea, or transforming plain toast or oatmeal into a satisfying sweet and filling meal.

HoneyShifts also tested our honey hair mask, shampoo, and conditioning recipes with this Ceylon-cinnamon honey. Besides keeping our scalp and hair healthy, it gives it a subtle, natural, cinnamon scent. Read Honey Beauty Tips to see how honey enhances your skin and hair.

Go Raw Honey

The Go Raw Honey family business is active in the Sustainable Food Trade Association and Texas Beekeepers Association, producing only raw, unfiltered honey, supporting environmentally sustainable beekeeping practices, and partnering with other apiaries who do the same. 

The website offers various amounts of Utah-harvested clover honey for sale in vintage glass jars or bulk containers and flavored or raw honey sticks that are sealed in BPA-free straws. You can also take advantage of featured deals, coupons, gift cards, and discount bundles as well as a 10%-discount on a future purchase by signing up for the company’s newsletter.

HoneyShifts Review: 
Go Raw Honey Clover and Flavored Honey Sticks

The bundle we purchased for $29.99 included three pounds of clover honey and 20 raw and flavored honey sticks. The Go Raw Honey clover honey and honey sticks are tangy and not overly sweet with a fleeting melt-in-your-mouth taste.

While the flavored honey straws make a colorful and convenient snack, they are super sweet and artificial tasting so we prefer the simple raw honey version. 

Clover honey is a perfect every-day table honey to spread on toast or bread, drizzle over cereal or yogurt, and sweeten tea. Visit the Cooking with Honey article for tips on incorporating clover honey and other varieties into your meals.

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