Honey Beauty Tips: Essential Do's
and Don'ts for Healthier Skin and Hair

Follow these honey beauty tips, the essential do's and often-overlooked or ignored don'ts of applying just one natural ingredient, raw honey, to get better looking and feeling skin and hair.

  1. Use only unprocessed, raw honey. All of the naturally healthy properties of raw honey disappear when it’s processed.   

  2. Make sure it's in a liquid, soft, or somewhat runny state for easier and more even and penetrable application. 

  3. To liquify raw honey that has already crystalized, gently heat it in a pan with a few drops of water. 

  4. Don’t overheat raw honey by boiling, cooking, or microwaving it. This is one of the most unknown, overlooked, or ignored honey beauty tips but it’s crucial. Overheating raw honey (over 95 degrees Fahrenheit) neutralizes the nutritional value of honey, in terms of both internal health and topical application benefits.

Honey Beauty Tips for Visibly Healthier Skin

  1. Simplify your skincare regimen by using only raw honey. There is no shortage of effective multi-ingredient over-the-counter and DIY skincare remedies, but who has the time and patience to research, prepare, and evaluate which ones best fulfill the needs of your unique skin? Raw honey all by itself naturally adapts to treat, enhance, and heal different types of skin, simultaneously performing multiple skincare roles, depending on how you apply it and how long you leave it on. 

  2. See Honey Skin Care Recipes for the step-by-step guide to applying just this one natural ingredient, raw honey, in the following roles to give you better looking and feeling skin:

    Nourishing Cleanser. Raw honey is a natural antimicrobial substance so it cleans while also providing essential nutrients to your skin and locking in moisture. Many over-the-counter cleansers, even those marketed for sensitive skin, contain many ingredients that try unsuccessfully to mimic what raw honey effectively does all by itself.

    . Raw honey is a natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and antibiotic substance so it disinfects and heals without drying out your skin like some harsh commercial products.

    Exfoliant. The enzymes in raw honey transform it into a gentle exfoliant that clears away dull cells, smoothes wrinkles, and evens out your skin tone.

    Smoother and Softener. Raw honey naturally softens and nourishes dry, rough skin.

    Anti-irritant. Raw honey is full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants which soothe and heal irritated or damaged skin.  

    Spot Fader. Using raw honey regularly will diminish dark spots and freckles.

  3. If you haven’t tried applying raw honey and/or if you have sensitive skin, test a small area first. No two varieties or even batches of honey are exactly the same. Some varieties have more medicinal characteristics, antioxidants, or enzymatic activity, changing how it impacts your skin. 

  4. Use raw honey as a lip balm. Raw honey on your lips tastes and works better than chapstick, including those with honey in them, and it also gets rid of cold sores quicker than over-the-counter medications. For the best results, apply it at night so your lips will be restored by morning. 

Honey Beauty Tips for a Healthier Scalp and Silkier Hair

You can add a few drops of honey to your favorite shampoo or conditioner, but using honey alone works just as well, if not better, to improve the condition of both your scalp and hair. 

  1. Raw honey is a natural all-in-one cleanser, softener, smoother, and anti-inflammatory (or in this case, anti-dandruff) substance. For a combination shampoo/conditioner, mix one part raw honey with six parts water. Massage the mixture into your scalp first and then work it through the rest of your hair. Wait five to ten minutes before rinsing slightly. Your hair won’t feel “squeaky clean” like it does after using normal shampoo because the honey doesn’t completely rinse off.  

  2. For split ends or an extra conditioning honey hair mask, mix one part honey to two parts water and work it into the ends of your hair. Leave it on for five to ten minutes and rinse with warm water. It won't completely rinse off. What stays on your hair will continue to nourish it.

  3. Don’t use a blow dryer after applying honey. Overheating raw honey damages the nutrients and enzymes that naturally enhance your hair and could make it limp and dull instead. So if you don’t have time to let your hair dry naturally, we recommend not using honey at all. 

  4. Try different varieties of honey or infused honey, such as cinnamon, lemon, or lavender, for different fragrances. 

  5. Alternate raw honey with another shampoo every four or five times you wash your hair to clear away raw honey residue. But keep in mind that raw honey, a natural antimicrobial substance, lasts forever and it will continue to enhance your hair as long as it isn't overheated.

Raw honey, a natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory substance:

  • Gently cleanses while sealing in moisture to your scalp and hair.
  • Conditions your hair without weighing it down.
  • Soothes and heals a flakey scalp and cures dandruff.
  • Controls frizzy, flyaway hair without making it feel greasy.
  • Repairs and strengthens damaged hair.  
  • Adds volume and shine to otherwise wispy and dull hair.
  • Naturally highlights your hair when used regularly

While these honey beauty tips focus on applying honey topically, the nutritional value of eating raw honey supplies your body with health-promoting and illness-fighting nutrients and antioxidants that contribute to more appealing skin and hair, restful sleep, higher energy, and a healthier metabolism, all of which contribute to how good you look and feel. See Raw Honey Health Benefits for all the reasons you should be eating raw honey.

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