Beauty Benefits of Honey 
Smoother Skin, Silkier Hair, Softer Lips...

The beauty benefits of honey often take a back seat to its effectiveness in internal health and healing, but raw honey plays an important role in the health of our outer self as well. Remember that the only kind of honey that’s good for you is raw honey, whether you’re eating it or applying it topically.  

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of raw honey make it a natural moisturizer, irritant-calmer, and wrinkle smoother, so it effectively treats a broad range of problematic conditions when you apply it to your skin and hair, either by itself or with other beauty and health-enhancing ingredients.

Eating raw honey boosts the antioxidant level in your blood, which makes you all-around healthier from the inside out. The nutritional value of honey also contributes to restful sleep and healthy metabolism function, both of which are vital to keep you looking and feeling your best.

See Raw Honey Health Benefits for the many roles honey plays in keeping you looking and feeling at the top of your game.

Beauty Benefits of Honey for Skin Care

Both as an ingredient in skincare products or all by itself, straight out of the jar, honey for skin beauty and skin conditions offers a wide range of solutions. 

  1. Raw honey cleans. Honey’s enzymes create HPA or hydrogen peroxide activity and antimicrobial characteristics that render it an antiseptic disinfectant, a worthwhile option for treating skin that’s prone to breakouts or acne caused by bacteria.

  2. Raw honey moisturizes. As an emollient, honey is a natural skin softener that adapts easily to various skin types. The sticky texture of honey also acts as a sealant to retain moisture.

  3. Raw honey exfoliates. Honey naturally clears away dead skin cells, contributing to healthier, more radiant skin.

  4. Raw honey lightens and smooths skin tone. Honey is a natural lightener so it can balance your skin’s pigmentation and lighten dark spots, freckles, and blemishes.

  5. Raw honey stimulates the production of collagen which helps to plump aging skin, heal cuts and scrapes, and minimize scarring. The effectiveness of raw honey, especially manuka honey, in skin and wound care has been researched, tested, and proven time and time again.

  6. Raw honey is anti-fungal, so it can treat ringworm, yeast infections, and warts.

  7. Raw honey is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. The antioxidants in raw honey soothe skin redness and irritation, such as burning, itching, blotchiness, pain, and swelling caused by blemishes, rashes, hives, chaffing, sunburn, abrasions, cold sores, and blisters.

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Beauty Benefits of Honey for Healthy Hair

Raw honey effectively treats your scalp and enhances hair growth, texture, and shine.

  1. Raw honey, as a natural antiseptic emollient and moisturizer, strengthens hair follicles and helps the scalp to retain moisture without leaving hair feeling greasy or oily. 

  2. As an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and moisture-sealing substance, raw honey treats dandruff, soothes associated itching and irritation, and prevents or diminishes flaking skin. 

  3. Raw honey is a natural lightener so it can gradually lighten your hair color or provide natural highlights, especially when combined with other lighteners such as lemon.

  4. Raw honey’s amino acids contribute to healthy hair and act to decrease the rate of hair loss.

  5. Honey by itself or mixed with other natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, effectively treats and prevents split ends.

There are many effective do-it-yourself honey beauty tips that combine raw honey and other nutritious ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, and cinnamon. Keep in mind, though, that honey by itself already provides many of what these other foods and ingredients offer as beauty enhancers. So if you’re on a budget or you just want the simplest homeopathic bang-for-your buck solution, raw honey fits the bill.

See the Properties of Raw Honey for a complete rundown of the characteristics that contribute to the beauty benefits of honey. 

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